Venture Builder Studio Model + Corporate Structure + LifeCycle Management
= Greater Likelihood for Success for Businesses and Investors

Create and build companies “in-house” rather than paying a premium to 3rd party ventures. Bet on the horse not the jockey

Building AI platforms across Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Econometrics to support algorithmic reuse across portfolio companies, driving scale and speed to market

Lifecycle approach plans for the creation, growth and exit of companies simultaneously.

Own, on average, 65%-85% of equity in companies post revenue. No Management Fees

Traditional bond ladders reimagined for the Lifecycle, evaluates portfolio companies at every stage of the commercialization process - assigning risk and return factors. The portfolio is managed holistically to reduce overall duration while maximizing yield.

11.2 Venture Builder Studio Model:

Move fast and make things.

At 11.2, business ideas are developed by real-world executives, addressing immediate business challenges and needs with critical expertise. Once a business-building opportunity is identified, our team of experts gets the wheels in motion and significantly compresses the time from idea to exit because velocity matters.

11.2 Corporate Structure:

This is where businesses make their big break.

11.2 is not a venture fund. 11.2 is a business. Technically, we’re a business of businesses, each led by subject matter experts who set out to solve significant real-world problems. By structuring our business-creation process in a way that resembles a factory floor – allowing each team member to do what they do best – speed is increased and risk is diminished. 11.2 businesses do not rely on the daily, sometimes erratic performance of a single entrepreneur. Instead, businesses are built in-house by a thoughtfully-selected co-operative of big thinkers and guided by fast-moving executors and project managers. Our partnership structure and our team make it easier, faster, and far less risky than ever to build, grow, scale, and exit. Read more

11.2 LifeCycle Management:

Calculated risks that drive maximized results.

11.2 uses a laddered portfolio risk management approach in line with the LifeCycle model and staged construct. This is a fixed income portfolio management approach that has been repurposed and re-imagined for the venture space. 11.2 values each stage of a company as if it were an individual security. This allows for prudent cash flow management, diversification benefit, and risk mitigation across the portfolio of companies. Read more

11.2 Area of Expertise:

It may be artificial intelligence, but the growth is real.

AI is at the cornerstone and foundation of the 11.2 philosophy, with a diversified focus spanning multiple sectors. 11.2 companies have specialized in areas such as FinTech, Life Sciences, Clean Energy, Agriculture, and Manufacturing, just to name a few. We endeavor to build out AI platforms that can be leveraged across numerous portfolio companies. This includes, but is not limited to, Natural Language Processing/Understanding, Computer Vision, Robotics, etc. Read more