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p3rceive is a simulation software used by sales-driven companies to simulate critical future business decisions. p3rceive’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses Bayesian machine learning models and hidden Markov states as the foundation for sales simulation. Businesses can simulate their proposed plan based on past results, capacity staffing, and their revenue cycle.

DGX ASSIST DGX Assist is the easiest way to plan, book and manage your day. It provides one place to coordinate, collaborate and communicate instead of using multiple interfaces, which can often cause miscommunication. DGX Assist compiles all business and family scheduling into one app, with an easy to use interface. It uses AI and a complete set of tools to intelligently manage all aspects of one’s business day and coordinate it with one’s personal schedule.


ZiRO is developing a device and smartphone platform that can measure “puffs” from vaping devices and infer nicotine intake in real time. This Bluetooth enhanced technology will provide behavioral values in real time to a smartphone app, which is device agnostic. ZiRO is able to measure the current between the device and the cartridge, which is proven to be the most accurate way to measure exactly how much nicotine has been ingested. ZiRO’s AI is an implementation of a Recurrent Neural Network with Long Short Term Memory, which will provide keystone habits and triggers for users and medical professionals.


FuturesightIQ uses proprietary NLP (Natural Language Processing) to predict future decisions in a company by analyzing the company’s hiring information. FuturesightIQ is able to compile a company’s available positions and hiring status to identify changes and needs in real time. This can be used to predict a company’s future decisions and supply vital information to decision-makers, investors and financial analysts.


The BL enablement platform, by sharing knowledge with and between carriers and shippers, is designed to disrupt the current freight marketplace. Chainifi intends to transform freight transportation management and digital intermediaries by helping carriers and customers make money by increasing the velocity of business rather than causing friction through information asymmetry. By removing transactional friction and other barriers inherent in current carrier/shipper relationships BL seeks to access and manage a portion of the $800B freight marketplace.

Career Highways

Career Highways is a joint venture between 11.2, Meeper Technologies and Stem Fuse, educational technology companies who provide Robotics and STEM curriculum to over 1,500 school districts in the US. The CH software will provide artificial intelligence based career and job specific exploration tools and highly functional search, match, and tracking tools for employers and colleges looking to recruit the students.

Outside Investments

11.2 will invest up to 30% of its capital in outside opportunities that support its portfolio companies and add diversification to the overall portfolio.

Meeper Technologies

Meeper provides fun, educational STEM products and curriculum featuring robotics and circuitry for grades K-12. Their robotics hit on all four pillars of STEM and grow with the children as they move through their educational experience.  As an education product, Meeper provides STEM Lessons that ensures engagement and meets all of the industry standards. Meeper is an 11.2 joint venture partner in the educational technology company, Career Highways.


With potential synergies to Fintech portfolio company, p3rceive LLC, Clockwork powers growing companies with custom 5-year financial projections, 52-week cash flow forecasts, KPI dashboards, and real-time financials. Clockwork learns from a company’s transaction patterns and company profile to build a custom 5-year financial model that predicts revenue, expenses, and cash flow.

Purple Arch Fund III and IV

The Northwestern affiliate of the Alumni Venture Group, Purple Arch Ventures invests in top tier deals alongside the largest venture funds in the country who lead the investment rounds. AVG is one of the most active venture funds in America and provide 11.2 investors both diversification and strong potential returns.


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