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NextSTOP Consulting Purchases AI-Powered Modeling Program To Help Its Clients Allocate Resources For Growth

P3rceive, an 11.2 Ventures Company, Harnesses Bayesian Statistics and Multi-Variable Analysis to Chart Precise Path to Sales and Fulfillment Goals.

Chicago, IL — 11.2 Ventures, LLC, announced that its AI-driven platform, p3rceive, is being adopted by NextSTOP Consulting, a New York-based consultancy specializing in the digital transformation of small and medium-sized companies, to enhance its services. With p3rceive, NextSTOP Consulting can enable its clients to set a target for sales or revenue and identify the obstacles to getting there. By automating natural language descriptions for each model it generates—including highlighting where resources are either overallocated or underutilized—p3rceive translates sophisticated statistics into clear, actionable information for decision-makers.


Bob Bonomo, NextSTOP’s Founder and CEO, called p3rceive “a great new tool for our clients. Never before have they been able to input different resource allocations and receive a percentage likelihood that that arrangement would achieve the goals they’ve set. The ability to test out various distributions of human capital and time before they make any changes in the real world is an invaluable tool.”


11.2 Ventures Co-founder Dmitry Valbe commented, “We are proud that Bob and his team will be using our platform to help their clients make truly informed decisions about their path for growth. While the math behind p3rceive is complicated, we’ve developed the platform to be extremely easy to use. We believe it will make an immediate difference for companies interested in data- and probability-based decision-making.”


P3rceive is one of the first companies generated by 11.2 Ventures, LLC, the Chicago-based venture builder studio (VBS). The VBS model was developed to improve the success rate of early stage startups by seeding, growing, and launching its own companies in-house. Drawing on the expertise of its management team and executive board, 11.2 Ventures was engineered to overcome each of the major causes behind the dismal tech startup failure rate—including poor market fit and dysfunctional leadership teams. As 11.2 Ventures Co-founder Kurt Johnson remarked, “p3rceive is the result of 11.2’s co-founders’ combined market expertise, collaborative leadership, and focused management. The NextSTOP deal is a great validation for us and for the VBS model overall.”



About NextSTOP Consulting

NextSTOP is a boutique consulting firm strictly focused on the digital transformation needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Utilizing their Digital PathfinderTM Model, NextSTOP formalizes and executes each client’s unique digital transformation strategy. As a “Technology General Contractor,” NextSTOP provides clients with a single point of contact for strategy development and program management, while seamlessly integrating best-in-class business and technology experts from their Global Partner Exchange Network, whose growing membership focus areas include Infrastructure; Cyber Security; Web, Mobile and Cloud software development; Machine Learning; Big Data and Analytics; Blockchain; AI; DevOps and Robotic Process Automation. 
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About p3rceive

P3rceive is a sales capacity planning tool that offers its users a dynamic, multi-variable, probability-based model of future sales—while also identifying the specific allocation of resources needed to get there. Tying a company’s sales revenue range to its unique inputs—not just sales hours but also the legal team’s time; not just production but also distribution—p3rceive instantly maps out 10,000 probable outcomes for each change in a sales variable and gives the probability that the desired outcome will be reached. Harnessing Bayesian statistics and powerful math, this software allows sales executives and the C-suite to calibrate resources with certainty rather than intuition, making p3rceive the first software to accurately model—and optimize for—growth. For more, please visit