Benefits of Investing in 11.2 Ventures

 11.2 Ventures Offers Greater Likelihood for Success for
Businesses and Investors

More Ownership + No Management Fees = Higher Expected Returns


• By building companies “in-house”, 11.2 owns 100% of its companies upon their formation and expects to own 65- 85% on exit.
• As an operating company, 11.2 has no management fees.

Greater Flexibility and Control

• As the owner of each of its companies, 11.2 has complete control over each company’s journey through its six-stage development process, including flexibility over the timing to exit.

Better Internal Risk Oversight


• Deploying a Bond Ladder Risk approach, 11.2 treats each company as a security enabling it to better manage the yield and duration of the its overall portfolio

Shorter Expected Time to Return

• 11.2 begins building and executing each company’s development, growth, and exit plan from inception, shortening the expected time to investor return.



• As an “alternative investment”, 11.2’s returns have a low correlation to traditional investments, thereby lowering the volatility of a client’s overall portfolio

Higher Expected Probability of Success

• With real-time executives participating in company formation, 11.2 is able to identify and solve marketdriven problems.


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