Building Agtech Companies with AI

Venture Builder Studio – Agtech & AI

From farm to fork, 11.2 is leveraging its core artificial intelligence expertise to create products that have the potential to meaningfully impact the profitability of agribusinesses and the long- term sustainability of agriculture. Today’s agriculture supply chain is a vast, complex system that is tasked with providing safe and nutritious food to a growing global population, all the while managing the challenges of constrained farm economics, environmental sustainability, and ever-changing consumer demands. Agriculture extends well beyond the farm and is by far the world’s largest business. Inthe U.S., agriculture, along with related industries, accounts for 5.2% of GDP.


11.2 takes a pragmatic approach to investing that is designed to establish the conditions needed to facilitate practical application of its products, thereby addressing the adoption challenges that have plagued many AgTech startups. Early engagement with producers and other relevant constituents will ensure that the company’s products are fit-for-purpose and closely aligned to end user needs. At 11.2, technology is a means to an end not an end itself. Consistent with that philosophy, the company seeks to develop commercially viable technologies that address key pain points, provide a well-defined return on investment, and have a clear path to market.


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