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With all the challenges we face individually, as a family, community, country, and species there are few as large and with such potential impact as Global Warming. Some estimates show the annual death rates alone from the impact of climate change could exceed all infectious diseases combined. As global energy consumption marches upward, the world will need to quickly embrace a radical transition towards decarbonized energy sources to reach net zero carbon emissions and prevent significant global warming.


With over 75% of the carbon emissions resulting from burning fossil fuels, the decarbonization of the world’s fuel sources by rapidly deploying solar, wind, hydropower, and nuclear fission is the most immediate action we can take to begin to address global warming and prevent climate change. Other actions such as improved energy efficiency, developing new energy technologies, and changing human behavior are also important, however, the journey starts with the mass adoption of low carbon energy sources.


Although a relatively small share of today’s energy is generated by Solar and Wind, 11.2 will be focusing on these two sources as they represent the largest share of the world’s low carbon energy mix in future. 11.2 believes visual artificial intelligence combined with drones or land robots will be an important tool in maintaining the performance of decentralized solar arrays and wind turbines and that Artificial intelligence inspection tools will be critical to enable the high volume, lost cost fully automated inspection requirements of the future solar panel manufacturing industry.


Solar and wind costs have dramatically dropped over the last two decades and with the growing demand for building and transportation electricity, these energy sources will experience the largest, global growth within the low-carbon energy portfolio. To meet the growing demand for low-carbon energy, while continuing to drive down the cost of energy and electricity in particular, significant advances and adoption of artificial intelligence will be required.


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