Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

Building Smart Manufacturing Companies with AI

Venture Builder Studio – Smart Manufacturing & AI

Smart manufacturing, like everything else that’s smart, utilizes connectivity and realtime access to data to improve a process. Smart manufacturing is a powerful disruptive force with the potential to restructure the current competitive landscape and produce a new set of market leaders. Companies that are slow to adopt new technologies and processes could be left behind.


Smart manufacturing is a broad category of manufacturing that covers many different technologies and solutions. 11.2 will be exploring solutions based on artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Industrial internet of things and Robotics.


Smart manufacturing has led to what’s being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, where manufacturers utilize cloud technology to store and access vast amounts of data that can be used in manufacturing applications within a factory or across an entire supply chain. This is data that, in the past, manufacturers never had access to or weren’t able to properly analyze. Today, it allows manufacturers to see the whole picture and make better decisions.


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