Team & Partnerships

Team & Partnerships

Building World Class AI Companies leveraging best-in-class people and partnerships


We’re Beyond Venture Capitalists.
We’re Business-Building Revolutionists.

Kurt Johnson
CEO and Co-founder of 11.2 Ventures
Gary Scheier
COO and Co-founder of 11.2 Ventures
Mark Farnham
Mark “Moose” Farnham


Richard Rice
Greg Williamson

Key Partnerships

To Build Great AI Companies You Need Great Partners

Beacon Communications Beacon Communications is a business-to-business public relations firm focused on 11.2’s business development, with a twenty-year track record of positioning clients as industry thought leaders.
Tacklebox Brand Partners Tacklebox, a full-service marketing agency, helps 11.2 portfolio companies gain marketshare and brand awareness through market research, branding, websites, social, influencer campaigns, and more.
Nuclear Networking Nuclear Networking will grow 11.2’s portfolio companies, generating better conversions and proving measurable ROI by creating and harnesses digital marketing technology.
Devscale Devscale tackles the most complex software challenges and specializes in IOS, Android and Web front and back end, which will play an integral part in the success of 11.2 portfolio companies.

Aspire Agency

The Aspire Agency is a Behavioral Science-based marketing and design agency that assists 11.2 in developing the Go To Market plans for the portfolio companies.

JP Innovation

JP Innovation is a data-driven marketing agency that helps companies identify and target the most valuable searches for their business.

Profit Optics

Profit Optics is a software development and IT consulting company with a focus on assisting 11.2 in data analytics to increase efficiency