We don't just invest in companies,
we build them.

What’s a Venture Builder Studio, you ask?
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The 11.2 Model
Maximizes Velocity

Venture Builder Studio Model + Artificial Intelligence = Greater Likelihood for Success for Businesses and Investors

Create and build companies “in-house” rather than paying a premium to 3rd party ventures

Building AI platforms across Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Econometrics to support algorithmic reuse across portfolio companies, driving scale and speed to market

Lifecycle approach plans for the creation, growth and exit of companies simultaneously.

Own, on average, 65%-85% of equity in companies post revenue. No Management Fees

Traditional bond ladders reimagined for the Lifecycle, evaluates portfolio companies at every stage of the commercialization process - assigning risk and return factors. The portfolio is managed holistically to reduce overall duration while maximizing yield.

What makes the Venture Builder Studio Model Better for Investors?
  • 1 We create and build companies in-house.
  • 2 We increase synergies and decrease costs by sharing resources across portfolio companies.
  • 3 We seek higher returns by owning more equity in portfolio companies than traditional VCs.
  • 4 We don’t charge management fees because we are an operating company, not a fund manager.
  • 5 We minimize risk through diversification in investments (i.e., low correlation between investments).
  • 6 We create true AI-based companies across five vital and relevant sectors.


We’re Beyond Venture Capitalists.
We’re Business-Building Revolutionists.

Kurt Johnson
CEO and Co-founder of 11.2 Ventures
Gary Scheier
COO and Co-founder of 11.2 Ventures
Dmitry Valbe
CTO and Co-founder of 11.2 Ventures
Richard Rice
Greg Williamson
Muhammad Azfar
Kat Van Fossen
Katherine Baird
Matthew Taylor
Jeffrey Drake

Key Partnerships

We Leverage Best-in-Class Partners to Create
World-Class Companies.

Beacon Communications Beacon Communications is a business-to-business public relations firm focused on 11.2’s business development, with a twenty-year track record of positioning clients as industry thought leaders.
Tacklebox Brand Partners Tacklebox, a full-service marketing agency, helps 11.2 portfolio companies gain marketshare and brand awareness through market research, branding, websites, social, influencer campaigns, and more.
Nuclear Networking Nuclear Networking will grow 11.2’s portfolio companies, generating better conversions and proving measurable ROI by creating and harnesses digital marketing technology.
Devscale Devscale tackles the most complex software challenges and specializes in IOS, Android and Web front and back end, which will play an integral part in the success of 11.2 portfolio companies.


Our Business-Building Studio Works
Like Nobody’s Business.

11.2 companies are changing the way business, and investing, gets done.
P3rceive P3rceive is a simulation software used by sales-driven companies to simulate critical future business decisions. P3rceive’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) uses Bayesian machine learning models and hidden Markov states as the foundation for sales simulation. Businesses can simulate their proposed plan based on past results, capacity staffing, and their revenue cycle.


FuturesightIQ uses proprietary NLP (Natural Language Processing) to predict future decisions in a company by analyzing the company’s hiring information. FuturesightIQ is able to compile a company’s available positions and hiring status to identify changes and needs in real time. This can be used to predict a company’s future decisions and supply vital information to decision-makers, investors and financial analysts.

DGX ASSIST DGX Assist is the easiest way to plan, book and manage your day. It provides one place to coordinate, collaborate and communicate instead of using multiple interfaces, which can often cause miscommunication. DGX Assist compiles all business and family scheduling into one app, with an easy to use interface. It uses AI and a complete set of tools to intelligently manage all aspects of one’s business day and coordinate it with one’s personal schedule.


ZiRO is developing a device and smartphone platform that can measure “puffs” from vaping devices and infer nicotine intake in real time. This Bluetooth enhanced technology will provide behavioral values in real time to a smartphone app, which is device agnostic. ZiRO is able to measure the current between the device and the cartridge, which is proven to be the most accurate way to measure exactly how much nicotine has been ingested. ZiRO’s AI is an implementation of a Recurrent Neural Network with Long Short Term Memory, which will provide keystone habits and triggers for users and medical professionals.

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