We don't just invest in AI companies,
we build them.

Learn what makes the Venture Builder Studio Model
better for venture investors.
And why “alternative investments” like venture capital can improve your investment portfolio.

What makes the Venture Builder Studio Model Better for Investors?
  • 1 By creating and building our companies “in-house”, thereby maintaining control of the life-cycle of our companies, we seek to provide investors with a potential for strong returns by solving market-driven problems.
  • 2 We create true artificial intelligence-based companies in multiple industry sectors including Fintech, Mobility, and Education.
  • 3 We seek higher returns and a shorter investment horizon than traditional VC funds or entrepreneurs by borrowing from proven corporate practices, and employing a robust six-stage development process.
  • 4 We don’t charge management fees because we are an operating company not a venture fund manager.
  • 5 We seek higher returns by owning more equity in our portfolio companies than traditional venture capitalists.
  • 6 We mitigate long and short-term risk of our portfolio by managing the yield and duration with a unique Bond Ladder approach.


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